What is Hair Loss?

We lose our hair on daily basis and, it is a natural part of our life. Hair loss is also known as alopecia. In a normal healthy person, 0-50 hair are lost per day.

When you start losing more than 100 strands of hair then you need a hair loss solution.

BalBack as the name suggests is “hair back” serum. BalBack has innovative Bal complex and other clinically proven patented ingredients that help RETAIN, REGAIN and REVIVE hair.

BalBack gives great results for hair loss in both males and females.

Use BanBack for best Hair Loss Prevention and Regain

For Guaranteed Results

BALBACK ensures definite results in just 90 days of treatment. Hair loss can be treated only with consistent usage of BalBack.

BalBack ensures great hair treatment results:


  • 59% denser hair
  • 69% Increased Anagen/Telogen ratio
  • 29% stronger hair
  • 48% increased Tryptophan that protects keratin

How BalBack Works in Hair Loss?

Balback helps you to fight hair loss due to its unique & innovative BAL complex (Bioactive flavonoids Amino peptides nuLife):

B – Bioactive flavonoids
Balback contains biocative flavonoids that activates stem cells forming new hair strands leading to hair growth.

– Amino peptides
BALBACK contains peptide having ideal molecular weight for better penetration, repairs hair cuticle & revitalizes hair

L – nuLife
BALBACK contains nuLife Technology that blocks DHT to improve blood & nutrient supply for hair growth